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Capture One SDK is now open for everybody

Phase One has made the Software Development Kit (SDK) free to access for everyone for the first time in Capture One's history. This means that anybody can create plugins for Capture One 12 and give some extra functions for the software.

This possibility has been available in Adobe Lightroom from the beginning, and all the controllers including Loupedeck, Pfixer, Palette Gear, MIDI2LR with MIDI controllers, etc. can work via such an embedded plugin in LR.

Although having the CO SDK does not mean yet that the opportunity has been opened for creating a controlling plugin for Capture One (like MIDI2LR for Lightroom). According to a software developer we contacted at Phase One, the new CO12 SDK only supports roundtrip and export functions for 3rd party softwares at the moment and does not include the API that allows slider movements. But this is a continuous project - he says - so controlling the sliders via a plugin may be a possibility in the future.

At the moment Capture One can be controlled with a hardware controller only via emulated Keyboard Shortcuts and with Tangent controllers which have default factory support from Phase One. The former is not so smooth as it should be (although it works), the latter is perfect but costs a fortune unfortunately.

If you would like to have your voice listened, you have the opportunity to tell Phase One that an SDK with slider-control support has a real demand on the market. By this not only a universal MIDI2LR-like plugin could be developed for any MIDI controller but also Loupedeck might have the possibility to manufacture a native Capture One controller.

You can tell your opinion and demands for Phase One about their SDK by clicking here.

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